[nycphp-talk] nested objects

Michael Welsh welsh_michael at
Tue Feb 11 15:50:44 EST 2003

Thanks for your replies on nested objects.  I was hoping to find out if what 
I was doing was, well, do-able.  I hammered away at it last night until I 
got it to work.  I am still not completely convinced that objects in PHP are 
the way to go.  It takes A LOT of code and adds layers of complexity.  I'll 
give it more time to grow on me.  Besides, I've heard knowing when to choose 
procedures or objects is half the battle.

I know php-talk is everything 'AMP' and I have had great fun and success 
with that combination.  But, many of my applications hit a MSSQL datamart.  
I'd like to dump that mart and use MySQL but I'm really hooked on stored 
procedures and DTS for aggregation of disparate data sources and preparation 
of data.  I know I could use Perl or Python to do that.  The tricky part is 
when a user of my PHP app makes a call to a stored proc with parameter.

So... I've been consumed lately with getting SAPDB 
working on a sample application.  I was thinking of moving some production 
PHP apps to that database.  I have found SAPDB to be a powerful database.  I 
see it as a cross between MySQL and MSSQL/Oracle.  The setup was a little 
difficult for me (the windows version was much easier than the Linux) and 
the tuning is fine grained like Oracle, but it is free and cross platform 
like MySQL.  The feature set more closely resembles MSSQL/Oracle with 
triggers, stored proc, and other gaps in MySQL.  The tools available are 
pretty good too.  Once I got it up and running everything goes smoothly.  
Oh, and subjectively, I have found it to be quick.  I am calling the SAPDB 
ODBC driver and not 'Unified' ODBC.

Has anyone else checked out SAPDB?

The development box running SAPDB is:
NT 4.0 sp6a
Apache 1.3.26
PHP 4.2.3
SAP DB 7.4

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