[nycphp-talk] "No input file specified."

Tracy tech_learner at
Mon Feb 17 03:30:14 EST 2003

i have encountered the same problem. but since i had moved the file from the place, i entered the new url. 
i too would like to know how to handle errors. so in cse u find the solution first, let me know too.
n r u using CGI from the command line or u r following the typical CGI method, have a web page do the CGI? i have posted twice on this isue, but havent come across the soultion. can i ask u about it?
 Nasir Zubair <nsr81 at> wrote:Hi All,

I just installed PHP 4.3.0 on my Win XP system. I'm using CGI flavor
with Apache. Ever since I installed it, instead of getting an apache 404
page for non-existing php files, I get "No input file specified." from

Has anyone encoutered it before, if so how to fix it?


- nasir

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