Mailing List Changes at NYPHP

Hans Zaunere hans at
Wed Feb 19 13:54:16 EST 2003

Hello everyone,

This is basically just an FYI, but I wanted to notify everyone that there's
some changes with the mailing lists at NYPHP.

All announcements (meetings,events,offers,technical and community news,etc)
will be sent ONLY to the NYPHP Announce list for now on.  They will no longer
be sent to NYPHP Talk.  Also, software release announcements, as we've seen
several of, should be sent to me (hans at, and I'll forward them on. 
NYPHP Talk will be kept strictly for informal discussion, technical support,
community/scene discussion, and the like.

I've taken the liberty of subscribing everyone to NYPHP Announce since it's a
very low-traffic and moderated list.  If NYPHP Talk gets too busy for your
Inbox, be sure to stay subscribed to Announce and you'll be able to keep up
with all the major news.

If there are any questions, comments or errors found in your subscription or
account at please contact me offlist (hans at

Best regards,

Hans Zaunere
President, New York PHP
hans at

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