[nycphp-talk] Last night's meeting was another good one

Jon Baer jonbaer at
Wed Feb 26 14:22:00 EST 2003

Close ...

What that gives you is a more graphical view and representation of the WSDL

I had been hoping for some more associated with inline programming (like a
smart complete function) where you could code or associate an array to
strictly adhere to what was in the WSDL file ... like:

$wsdl_function => [tab] -> list of available functions via the API

A while ago when the spec was just released I had attempted to build one
using JPadPro from Modelworks (, I just wanted to see
what other IDEs might have such a function before going back.

- Jon

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> Jon Baer wrote:
> > The other
> > question I had about intelligently handling WSDL in an IDE was
> > something I thought Id find an answer to :-)
> I haven't actually used any of this, but Eclipse (
> has a PHP plugin ( and a WSDL viewer
> ( so you may be
> to do what you want with that.
> David
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