[nycphp-talk] system commands and backups

Rolan rolan at
Wed Mar 5 10:04:53 EST 2003

yea, I have root on the boxes I work on too, but
the sudo thing is sort of an "extra layer" of protection.

Actually, I was using it because I needed to create/manage files
and directories under the ownership of a specific user (Postfix).


Christopher R. Merlo wrote:

>On 2003-03-04 23:36 -0500, Rolan <rolan at> wrote:
>I have root access to the box I need to backup, and so I don't even
>use sudo.  As root, I made a cron job like:
>tar cfz stuff.tgz /all/my/stuff && scp stuff.tgz cmerlo at otherbox:~/backups
>Nice and neat, no PHP involved.  Certainly not web configurable, but I
>tend to see that as a good thing.

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