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Hello Ophir, thanks for the reply.

Its really basic stuff. A Flash file will send via POST to a PHP 
script some text. I need to insert the text in MySQL in a row which 
have an auto_increment column. I want to keep only the last 10 text, 
so I will query MySQL to get all the text, and if I have more than 10 
texts, I will delete the older ones.


À (At) 09:53 -0500 11/03/03, Ophir Prusak écrivait (wrote) :
>Can you describe the situation in a bit more detail ?
>As you said - you probably don't need semaphores, but what is it exactly
>that you're trying to do ...
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>>  I forgot to add  that I need semaphores for INSERT and DELETE sql
>>  statement for MySQL. Maybe this is not needed after all. The rows
>>  that are concerned are using a column with an AUTO_INCREMENT
>>  attribute.
>>  I don't need rollback (i.e. transaction). In its book on MySQL, Paul
>>  Dubois write: "MySQL automatically performs locking for single SQL
>>  statements to keep clients from interfering with each other." (Paul
>  > Dubois, MySQL, New Riders, 2000).

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