[nycphp-talk] php include file question

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Mon Mar 31 13:03:15 EST 2003

I know that you can include any kind of file in PHP and it will be parsed so
long as there are <? ?> inside with executable PHP code. This is not the
same thing as apache dealing with the file. Because apache wont send .html
files to PHP (unless you've configured your apache to work that way).

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Don't know about anyone else, I'm still new to this, but I name the html
files ".php" and then for the include statement I use "include
'copyright.php';"  That is the only thing that worked for me.  You won't
have to change anything in the current .html file other than the extension.


On Monday, March 31, 2003, at 12:52PM, Deidra McIntyre
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>I'm breaking up my html site into includes (header, copyright, etc.).
>Within the HTML documents that call the include files, I have the
>appropriate php tags (i.e. <? include("copyright.html"); ?> . All of the
>includes (i.e. copyright.html) are sitting in the same directory as my
>html pages (i.e. index.html). PHP is installed.
>So, why, no matter what I do, don't the include files parse into my
>document? I have tried to changed the include extensions from .html to
>php to .inc. None parse. Most of my includes contain basic HTML (no php)
>like <p>Copyright &copy; 2003. All Rights Reserved.</p>.
>Am I doing something wrong? Or does my technician need to change something
>in the server configuration (if so what)?

David "e.Dave" Rodriguez

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