[nycphp-talk] The PHP Framework?

Chris Snyder chris at
Mon May 12 12:31:09 EDT 2003

Ivan Tumanov wrote:

>ASP.NET has a collection of controls that automate what they've dubbed
>"post-back".  Basically a form can make round-trips to the server by posting
>itself using Javascript (or the subset MS has decided to call JScript) when
>values change, when things are clicked, etc.  Also, these web controls can
>be set to automatically generate JScript code to verify values, do a popup
>to alert the user to invalid value range, etc.  So that's what I believe
>they're referring to - the ability to generate client JScript code to do
>perform some pretty complicated client-side behavior.
Is this how they do that wicked file upload thing where you can actually 
view the progress of a multipart form submission? Or is it something 
internal to IIS?

I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out some way of showing 
file upload progress that isn't just the browser's status bar.


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