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Mon Jul 19 13:09:24 EDT 2004

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Daniel Krook wrote:

| I see where you're going with this, you basically want to emulate a
| templating system which uses a system like Java's taglibs or, prior to
| that, ATG Dynamo's JHTML, so as to shield your presentation layer
| developers from business logic.  In particular you want to be able to
| create a bean (or the result of an included function) for use on the
|  For example, getting a user bean from the following type of tag:

Yep .. the "Dynamo" approach, I was actually pretty pysched when the
thought of writing + linking directly to other .jsp's as components was
announced.  I don't think there is really an anology to JavaBeans as
PHPBeans (its really just set/get methods) but Id really like to get it
going for a number of reasons, one being IDE support, alot easier to
work with.  I think to each his own in terms of templating, if you can
cycle through result sets w/ tags cool, if its with Smarty {} braces
cool, ...

I just think its a cleaner/manageable approach .. for PHP5 I can see
people using it .. or @ least trying to :-)

Will be spending the weekend hacking Zend! lol (unless someone from Zend
says 'save your sanity, its not worth it')

- - Jon

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