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Tim Gales tgales at
Tue Jul 20 01:52:35 EDT 2004

Krook on JSP tag libraries:
> But I tend to argue against it for several reasons... [answer "c"]
> "Tag-based server-side code is for goobers." 
Quoting from "JSP technology -- friend or foe?"
BY Brett McLaughlin 

"JSP advocates are quick to let you know that JSP tag
libraries can help you avoid this problem"
[of mingling logic and presentation]...
"Tag libraries allow custom tags (for example, <AUTHORS />)
to be added to a JSP page, which at runtime are resolved
into code fragments in, well, tag libraries..."

" ...As long as JSP coding allows inline coding, it is very
convenient (especially when deadlines are looming) to make
last-minute changes with inline code, rather than converting
the code to a tag library..."

McLaughlin makes a pretty good argument against using JSP
tags in this article. 

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