[nycphp-talk] dynamic string manipulation when web serving - best practices and ideas?

inforequest sm11szw02 at
Fri Jun 11 13:11:33 EDT 2004

Excellent, thanks. I didn't know output buffering was re-entrant. Can 
anyone comment on the performance issues of re-entrant use site wide 
(every page would be processed through at least one layer of output 
buffering.... a nice way to preserve the original code base, but at what 
performance cost?

Rolan Yang |nyphp 04/2004| wrote:

> If your code is messy and it would be too tedious going through and
> doing str_replace's, you might want to write an buffer handler that 
> does a search/replace
> on the output buffer. This script could include'd at the top of each 
> php script.
> See:
> for more info.
> ~Rolan
> inforequest wrote:
>> I would like to ask you all what are recommended techniques for 
>> dynamic string manipulation/insertion on my website in an AMP 
>> environment.
>> I have an existing mysql database of content "blah blah blah, ad 
>> nausium blah blah blah" served by various dynamic pages, and would 
>> like to m

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