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Adam Maccabee Trachtenberg adam at
Sat Apr 30 18:26:15 EDT 2005

On Sat, 30 Apr 2005, inforequest wrote:

> I think it's good to never lose a customer unless you really have to,
> and really good to have an affirmation of desire to receive mailings,
> and really good to be know you have 10k subscribers, where 9,500 are
> solid and 500 are "pretty good" etc. for segmenting purposes.

When David and I worked at Student.Com, we managed a large opt-in
mailing list. We set up a system where we'd record bounces in a
database, and if you bounced 3 weeks in a row, we'd unsubscribe
you. That allowed us to filter out noise from legitimate bounces.

We also incorporated a tracking code in the body of every message, so
if someone replied with an "unsubscribe" request from a "from" address
other than the original "to", we could properly handle the request. We
found that lots of times people had accounts set up where there wasn't
a direct match -- which made it hard to automate without the code.


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