[nycphp-talk] [OT] recommend laptop repair place/Windows XPfixer-upper?

Tim Gales tgales at
Sat Jan 1 11:52:08 EST 2005

 Mitch Pirtle writes:
> Subject: Re: [nycphp-talk] [OT] recommend laptop repair 
> "You can't start Windows! Disaster? Possibly not. 

You can run Knoppix if you have a minimum of 128 Mb (working) RAM. 
Maybe reinserting the ram chips in their sockets (again) 
would be a good thing to do. (seems like there are two 
problems goind on here: flaky ram and corrupted files)

Earlier Susan had said that she was unable to bring up 
her laptop in 'Safe Mode' -- perhaps the master boot record 
is one of the things that got corrupted...

If that's the case, it would seem that booting from another 
device (either a CD or floppy) would be the thing to try. 

But if you (Susan) have a rescue floppy for XP, maybe it would be 
easier to try booting from that. Then once booted in command 
line mode (effectively MS-Dos), copy what's important to 

If you have an installation CD, you could try pressing F10 
(or 'R" to repair) at the setup welcome screen. 
(this is the route I would go --  after getting good 
copies of important files)

If you meet strange obstacles while trying to effect a 
repair, you may find entering 'recovery' in the search box 
in the upper right hand corner of 
will produce some helpful ideas.

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