[nycphp-talk] [OT] recommend laptop repair place/Windows XPfixer-upper?

John Lacey jlacey at
Sat Jan 1 13:40:53 EST 2005

Tim Gales wrote:
>  Mitch Pirtle writes:
>>Subject: Re: [nycphp-talk] [OT] recommend laptop repair 
>>"You can't start Windows! Disaster? Possibly not. 
> You can run Knoppix if you have a minimum of 128 Mb (working) RAM. 
> Maybe reinserting the ram chips in their sockets (again) 
> would be a good thing to do. (seems like there are two 
> problems goind on here: flaky ram and corrupted files)

In addition to the few suggestions concerning Knoppix, I highly 
recommend "Knoppix Hacks" (O'Reilly) which also comes with a Knoppix CD. 
  There are hacks that specifically address "recovery situations" on 
Windows.  And, if you bring it up in text mode -- "knoppix 2" at the 
boot prompt -- you can run it in 64MB (or less).

I have personally used Knoppix to recover a lost Windows Product ID on a 
Win98 system for a friend who had bought a used PC and needed to 
re-install from the win98SE directory on the hard drive.  I even keep a 
copy of Knoppix in my glovebox so's I'll have it "whenever" :)


p.s. a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all the NYPHP listies...

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