[nycphp-talk] php bulletin boards

Jayesh Sheth jayeshsh at
Mon Jan 3 18:05:52 EST 2005

Hello all,

phpBB is full-featured, but has had some prominent security issues in 
the recent past; hence people are recommending against installing it. It 
is easy for virus and worm writers as well as hackers to target software 
that has a large installed base. phpBB is widely installed, hence it is 
widely exploited. (I have not looked at its code, but it could not be 
that bad so popular at the same time, right?)

I have used (an older version of) MiniBB in the past for a low-traffic 

The Wordpress (weblog software) guys used to use MiniBB for their forum 
software, but now it seems they have written their own:

BBpress is supposed to be even lighter and even more secure than MiniBB.

I have also heard that Fudforum is more secure than phpBB:

It is , I think, but it seems to be down now.

Best regards,

- Jay

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