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Wed Jan 5 13:04:07 EST 2005

My two cents for bulletin board experiences:
phpBB had all the options/features I wished to use.
WebWarrior.Net uses a postnuke CMS module based directly off phpBB and it has worked like a champ solidly for over two years (including suffering upgrades).
I can't comment on vbulletin, as I didn't look into it because it wasn't open source. I also never ran into or used IPB, but a quick gander shows that one to be licensed as well.
Granted the pricing for vbulletin and IPB are trivial for some clients, so it really just boils down to the slight user interface/feature differences.
Joseph Moshier
aka Tragen

Ophir Prusak <prusak at> wrote:

Hi all,

I'm looking to install a bulletin board system on a site I run.
I know this subject was discussed a while back. I was wondering what
the current lowdown on my options are.

Of course free is good but I'm willing to consider other options.
When I checked a couple of years ago, the "big three" were phpbb, ipb
and vbulletin.

Can anyone share their bulletin board experiences ??

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