[nycphp-talk] Windows 2003 - IIS 6 - mssql connect issue

Brian Kaney brian at
Wed Jan 12 15:41:14 EST 2005


I am having a strange data access issue, maybe someone out there could
help (I am a Linux guy and don't know my way around in win32/IIS).  Here
is the environment:

Application Server:
 Windows 2003
 IIS 6.0
 PHP 4.3.10

Database Server:
 Windows 2003
 SQLServer 2000

The App server reports a connection error when attempting to open a
mssql connection to the DB server.  I am using SQLServer Users (not
Windows Users) to authenticate into the DB.  

Looking at the user comments on mssql_connect (, I've tried:
installing MDAC 2.8, changing the Everyone/Anonymous Policy, and
enabling guest accounts.

The connection error is not a native error code, indicating the
SQLServer is not getting the connection attempt (must be blocked at the
server level).

I tried various authentication setting in IIS.  It seems IIS is trying
to pass the web users credentials to the DB server before trying the
SQLServer connection.  Am I missing an IIS security setting?

Quirks:  The exact same code works from IIS 5.0 / Windows 2000 (to the
same DB server), so I think it is an IIS 6.0 / Windows 2003 issue. 
Another disturbing thing we found is if we authenticate Administrator
_and_ the Administrator passwords on the App and DB server match, it

Any Windows gurus out there with any experience and/or suggestions?

Sorry in advance for the long post, but I've spent days trying to figure
this one out!

- Brian

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