[nycphp-talk] [OT] The CMS Dance Redux

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I've used MAcromedia's Contribute several times, it's ability to send"timed
access keys", limi editable regions and moe make it a pretty well-rounded
choice, if you're gonna dump in the dough, I'd give MAcromedia the Go...
rhyming intended:P

-Edward JS Prevost II
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> Pardon the OT-ness, but I seek professional advice about content
> Systems.
> Right now we're looking over the featuresets of three: Mambo, ezPublish,
> Contribute. This may sound ridiculous but I've been asked to look for a
> commercial product, like Contribute, that we can review to allay the
> concerns that we did not do sufficient research.
> Personally, I'm ready to jam some Mambo up in here and rock on, but it's a
> decision above my head.
> What other commercial CMS systems out there aren't utter hell on the user
> and the admin? First hand experience is preferred but I'll take anecdotes,
> too.
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