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On 18/01/05 19:42 -0500, inforequest wrote:
> I thought this was very interesting, and might spark some ideas in this 
> community
> -=john
> Data On The Fly - By Daniel Lyons - - January 18, 2004
> NEW YORK - Relational databases are great, but not for everything, 
> *Michael Stonebraker* says.

I'm wondering if this is the guy whose lecture I attended about two
years ago over at Steven's?  The lecture was about a new relational
database technology and he had Chris Date opening up for him!

The interesting part was his basic premise: conceptually, data is stored
in rows and columns in tables. That is how the database designers thought of
it as well; when they stored the data on the hard drive, they wrote it in
rows and columns! This fellow pointed out that there was no need for
this and proceeded to show how things could be sped up with a different
data structure on the hard drive (something similar to a linked list,
IIRC).  It was one of those "DOH!" moments.  I immediately thought "Open
Source people could implement this with no problem!".  Too bad I don't
code at that level anymore.

He then went on to describe some other improvements he had made in the
design.  I had to leave, but my buddy said he then demonstrated how fast
things got and it got the whole room excited.


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