[nycphp-talk] Migration to XAMPP

Phil Duffy phil at
Sun Jan 23 14:45:10 EST 2005

I currently have PHP/MySQL installed on the following platforms:


 ~ Windows XP Pro/IIS 5.1/PHP 5.03/MySQL 4.1.4-gamma


 ~ SuSE Linix 9.0/Apache 2.0/PHP 4.3.3/MySQL 4.0.15


 I would like to install XAMPP on both the Windows and Linux platforms 

 with these differences:


 ~ The Linux installation could be replaced if necessary.


 ~ I need to maintain the existing Windows installation, but create an 

 additional Apache/PHP/MySQL stack.


What software do I need to de-install before doing an XAMPP 

installation on both platforms?  Are there special considerations 

because I would be installing XAMPP on the Windows system in parallel with
the existing Windows/IIS/AMP stack?


Thank you for your help.


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