[nycphp-talk] Redirect after post with "HTTP/1.1 303 See Other"

Hans C. Kaspersetz hans at
Wed Jan 26 13:17:58 EST 2005

+1 Chris!  I owe you a cold adult beverage. 

John, do you have an opinion on this?


Hans C. Kaspersetz
Cyber X Designs

csnyder wrote:

>To solve a casual bet I made with HansK after John Andrews' excellent
>SEO presentation last night...
>It turns out that there IS an HTTP Status Code for redirection after
>form processing. (Sir Tim thinks of everything, he's so dreamy...)
>"303 See Other ... This method exists primarily to allow the output of
>a POST-activated script to redirect the user agent to a selected
>resource. The new URI is not a substitute reference for the originally
>requested resource. The 303 response MUST NOT be cached..."
> --
>Bear in mind that browsers which only speak HTTP 1.0 won't know what
>to do with it, but there it is.
>  // process form
>  ...
>  // redirect to results page
>  header( 'HTTP/1.1 303 See Other' );
>  header( 'Location: result.html' );
>  exit( 'Form submitted, <a href="result.html">continue</a>.' );
>Clicking refresh resubmits the get request for result.html, not the
>original post request. (Same behavior as redirection with the default
>302 status.) Anecdotal testing proves that it works in IE and Firefox.
>   chris.

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