[nycphp-talk] OT: curious router - server interaction problem

Michael Southwell michael.southwell at
Wed Jan 26 16:53:15 EST 2005

I know this is OT, but I also know that there are lots of smart people 
here, so.....

I have a Linksys wireless-B router that works perfectly except that I can't 
even ping  If I bypass the router and go directly to the cable 
box, no problem; if I (ahem) borrow my neighbor's wireless-G, again no 
problem.  DNS information is correct.  Both Linksys and Optonline are 
baffled.  I would appreciate it if others with a moment of spare time, 
curiosity about this odd problem, and the same router, Linksys wireless-B, 
specifically BEFW11S4 (which by the way has the latest firmware), could try 
pinging and report to me OFFLIST what happens.  If you can connect, you 
might try which is what I'm trying to work 
on.  If anyone else with different equipment has any anomalous result (I am 
expecting everybody else to have no problem), I'd appreciate hearing about 
that also.

Thanks in advance, and once again I apologize for this OT message.

Michael Southwell
VP, Education Department
New York PHP
michael.southwell at

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