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I talk my boss into buying ZDE and I did not get any goodies.


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On Wed, 26 Jan 2005 10:33:26 -0500, Mark Armendariz <nyphp at> wrote:
> > I know this comes up from time to time on this list, but I recall
> > someone on here being affiliated with Zend, and offering discounts for
> > their products. I've been playing around with Zend Studio lately, and
> > might be interested in purchasing a few licenses. Anyone have any info
> > about it?

That would be me :)

> As a beta tester you get a pretty good amount off the price (20%?).  they
> just started a round of testing for ZDE 4, so you might be able to get in on
> it.

That's a good deal and the ZDE is really awesome.

I'll send Hans a formal promotion code for New York PHP within a
couple of days. There'll be a 25% discount for the ZDE and some other

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