[nycphp-talk] Redirect after post with "HTTP/1.1 303 See Other"

inforequest 1j0lkq002 at
Wed Jan 26 21:29:11 EST 2005

inforequest |nyphp dev/internal group use| 

> Hans C. Kaspersetz |nyphp dev/internal group 
> use| wrote:
>> +1 Chris!  I owe you a cold adult beverage.
>> John, do you have an opinion on this?
>> Hans
> My opinion is that Dan and Chris are both brilliant and diligent.
> I have no experience with the 303, but I can inquire of Google and 
> Yahoo! and ask around.
> If it works practically, it might be an answer to the flash detection 
> issue (?). Since any redirect has potential for abuse, however if 
> there was a way to do it without any redirection, of course that is best.
> -=john andrews

It appears from my read of past history that the 303 is treated like a 
temporary redirect (e.g. untrusted, like a 302 or meta refresh)
This may be a case where using the 301 is "best" even though it may be 
technically incorrect (?)

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