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Thanks.  That did the trick.  On a related note.  Anyone know of a good pear
primer (in book form) that I can buy for reading on the train/etc?


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Mark Withington wrote:

> I'm new to pear and its package manager.  Have successful installed pear
> my windoz box and am trying to use install from the command line.
> Everything appears to work OK, however, the particular package that I'm
> trying to install is listed as beta.  The pear install command appears to
> only support those packages listed as stable.  Anyone know of a
> Is there a switch I can set that will install beta packages?

You need to set your prefered package state. You can see your current 
settings by typing:
$ pear config-show

And then you can set up pear to allow you to install beta packages by 
$ pear config-set preferred_state beta

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