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There were quite a few issues with building from source under OS X 
early on, but Apple has really come up to speed with the open source 
compilers that now come with OS X. So, the rules are fairly close to 
those of BSD.

But, for a nice easy install that won't require a command line, Marc 
Liyanage maintains a Mac install of both PHP and MySQL at 
He includes detailed instructions for multiple versions. He's done a 
really fine job and has been staying on top of things for a couple of 
years now.

On Jan 30, 2005, at 2:35 PM, David Mintz wrote:

> Hi everybody.
> I am soon to start teaching an introductory PHP class. Week 1 
> assignment
> is get yourself up and running PHP 5.0.x w/ mysqli, MySQL 4.1.x and 
> Apache
> 1.3.33 or 2.0.5x on your own development machine. I can talk about
> installation and configuration from (modest) experience on Windows and
> Linux, both with XAMPP and building from source, but not OS X because I
> got no OS X machine to play with.
> Generally speaking, can you try XAMPP for Linux on Mac OS X and get 
> lucky?
> Or, suppose you use a package like MAMP 
> (
> It looks wonderful but I would like MySQL 4.1.x and mysqli, which it
> lacks -- how painful do you think it would be to upgrade its MySQL to
> 4.1.9, and possibly, if necessary, also update its PHP to include 
> mysqli?
> Stated differently:  is there a painless way for novices to get AMP 
> going
> on their Mac __with the latest production-quality__ versions of
> everything? Last time I had students whose Macs already had AMP dating
> from their OS installation time -- and in some cases that was pretty 
> old.
> Thanks and sorry for the verbosity,
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