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Mon Jan 31 10:40:46 EST 2005

I cannot vouch for them since I have not really worked with their 
installs but they make it very easy and Mac friendly. it appears fairly painless.
On Sunday, January 30, 2005, at 02:35  PM, David Mintz wrote:

> Hi everybody.
> I am soon to start teaching an introductory PHP class. Week 1 
> assignment
> is get yourself up and running PHP 5.0.x w/ mysqli, MySQL 4.1.x and 
> Apache
> 1.3.33 or 2.0.5x on your own development machine. I can talk about
> installation and configuration from (modest) experience on Windows and
> Linux, both with XAMPP and building from source, but not OS X because I
> got no OS X machine to play with.
> Generally speaking, can you try XAMPP for Linux on Mac OS X and get 
> lucky?
> Or, suppose you use a package like MAMP 
> (
> It looks wonderful but I would like MySQL 4.1.x and mysqli, which it
> lacks -- how painful do you think it would be to upgrade its MySQL to
> 4.1.9, and possibly, if necessary, also update its PHP to include 
> mysqli?
> Stated differently:  is there a painless way for novices to get AMP 
> going
> on their Mac __with the latest production-quality__ versions of
> everything? Last time I had students whose Macs already had AMP dating
> from their OS installation time -- and in some cases that was pretty 
> old.
> Thanks and sorry for the verbosity,
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