[nycphp-talk] PHP book recommendations by role

Daniel Krook krook at
Wed Jun 15 11:06:42 EDT 2005

Following on the earlier book access discussions...

What are the most valuable hard copy book resources that you would 
recommend today if you needed to populate a shelf with, say three, of the 
best for the following "typical" NYPHPers? 

* The freelancer with intermediate skill in procedural PHP 4 and MySQL 4.0 
who is looking to strengthen his/her existing technology skillset and to 
smoothly transition to PHP 5 OOP and the mysqli interface.

* The traditional C/C++ programmer beginning to develop web applications 
(and possibly begin work with relational databases).

* The veteran PHP 4/5 programmer looking to advance his/her understanding 
of UML, OOP, patterns & methodologies.

* The second-year university computer science student looking to develop a 
web application foundation (HTTP, SQL, HTML).

* The mid-career interface designer with strong XHTML, JavaScript, CSS and 
a dab of ASP/JSP scripting?

* The J2EE programmer who is migrating midsize Java applications to PHP, 
assuming the database is to remain DB2/Oracle etc.

Daniel Krook, Advisory IT Specialist 
Application Development, Production Services - Tools,


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