[nycphp-talk] oracle to buy zend ???

Matt Morgan matt at
Tue Feb 14 17:13:04 EST 2006

Scott Mattocks wrote:

>Joseph Crawford wrote:
>>why does anyone have to buy out zend, isnt the company doing well enough on
>>it's own 2 feet?
>It isn't about saving Zend from financial ruin. Its about grabbing a 
>hold of their market share and profits. If they buy Zend, they own all 
>of the Zend products. Then they get the money from selling them and they 
>can control the development. They can make Zend products really easy to 
>integrate with Oracle. That means people will be more likely to buy 
>Oracle products.
Honestly, it's another big-business vote for PHP, and (hopefully) for 
open-source. Despite some success, Oracle's never been quite as 
successful as they'd have liked on the applications front (did they ever 
succeed in buying PeopleSoft? I can't even remember). Not that I'm 
saying it's a good or bad thing overall, but if you were Oracle, 
wouldn't you like to have zillions of PHP programmers (and a few good 
ones :-)) able to write useful applications quickly for your platform?

I realize it's just a rumor, but Oracle sees the wind blowing away from 
java, toward PHP, like the rest of us. That's why it's a believable rumor.
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