[nycphp-talk] oracle to buy zend ???

Daniel Krook krook at
Tue Feb 14 19:27:01 EST 2006

> > You might want to check out Zend Core for Oracle.  It 
> probably has a lot of 
> > what you'd like as far as easy installation with PHP and
> a web-based admin 
> > GUI.  Core is separate from Zend Platform and can be 
> downloaded for free 
> > online.  There is also a paid support option via Zend Network.
> > 
> >
> If I'm not mistaken, Zend Core for Oracle does not include Oracle
> itself, only the extension & client libs....

I guess I should chime in here too... The Zend Core for IBM comes with the 
DB2 client which can be used to connect to the included Cloudscape (Derby) 
embedded database or any version of DB2. 

It can then be used with the newly released DB2 Express-C which is free 
(as in a free keg):

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