[nycphp-talk] Query result state strategy

Chris Shiflett shiflett at
Wed Feb 15 13:47:01 EST 2006

Hi Cliff,

Cliff Hirsch wrote:
> Lately, it seems like I need to execute queries twice -- the first
> time to gather data and set actions for the presentation layer.
> That's fine.
> What disturbs me is that I need to do this all over again when
> receiving actionable input, going along with the theory that all
> input from the client is evil unless proved otherwise. Thank you
> Chris.

You're welcome? :-)

Can you give us a more concrete example? It seems likely that you can 
avoid having to query the database multiple times just to be able to 
maintain a healthy level of suspicion.


Chris Shiflett
Brain Bulb, The PHP Consultancy

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