[nycphp-talk] Query result state strategy

Cliff Hirsch cliff at
Wed Feb 15 13:42:46 EST 2006

Lately, it seems like I need to execute queries twice -- the first time
to gather data and set actions for the presentation layer. That's fine.
What disturbs me is that I need to do this all over again when receiving
actionable input, going along with the theory that all input from the
client is evil unless proved otherwise. Thank you Chris...
So now I need to run a query again, check to see if the particular
action is allowed based on the data gathered and than act upon it if the
action is valid. The joy of an open client-server system.
Do I just accept this and get on with it? Do I maintain the query
results and state info with sessions, which I have avoided to date
because I believe sessions have their own scalability baggage? Comments?
Cliff Hirsch
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