[nycphp-talk] oracle buys InnoDB

Mitch Pirtle mitch.pirtle at
Sun Feb 19 19:01:13 EST 2006

On 2/17/06, Jonathan Hendler <hendler at> wrote:
> Does Postgresql depend on anything that Oracle can purchase? (if they
> haven't already)

Nope. As well, PostgreSQL is backed by a federation of companies, so
it will be terribly difficult for a competitor to 'buy' all of the
different businesses behind PostgreSQL.

By MySQL taking a sort of "one true company" approach behind the
commercialization of their software, they made it easy for other
companies to target them, leaving them very vulnerable IMHO.

It is this kind of behavior that caused a project I am very familiar
with to embark on a new quest, where anyone and everyone was welcome
to the party...

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