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tedd tedd at
Mon Feb 20 15:33:35 EST 2006

>hi all.
>a while back I converted my personal web site into a blog (wordpress)
>so I can easily start expressing my self through articles that I think
>some people might find helpful. I'm a web developer with lots of
>experience in php / databases so most of the articles have been about
>web dev (programming / databases stuff).
>this morning I was looking at the stats of my site - i get about 10
>visitors a day.


You can beef-up your visits by producing "free-code". I just finished 
a binary-tree freeware program and pulled in over 1200 hits within 
this last month.

But, it is good for your site (link popularity) to publish at other 
sites as well.

You might consider:

Plus, they have contest -- it makes for an interesting experience.


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