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Artzi, Yoav (Yoav) artzi at
Wed Feb 22 03:03:39 EST 2006

I have the following system for cross compilation: a computer on which I
build, on which the file system of the target computer is mounted. So, I
do the compile and everything, no problem, pointing to the libraries I
need (I compile with OpenSSL) by their location on the compilation
computer. When I switch to the target computer, the libs are there, but
of course on a different path, and PHP doesn't want to run, pointing to
unable to find the libs. It doesn't help to put them in the PATH. PHP
won't run unless I create for them a PATH exactly like it was on the
compilation computer. 
Any idea? There must be a simple way to solve it that I dont't know.
Oh, and, of course,  I don't want to compile with static libraries as
it's a waste of dear space.
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