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Ophir Prusak prusak at
Wed Feb 22 13:15:58 EST 2006

On 2/22/06, csnyder <chsnyder at> wrote:
> If you have written any useful code (and I'm sure you have!) that you
> would be willing to "support" as open source, publish it on your site
> and create a FreshMeat record for it. That's a little different from
> just posting code somewhere, because you retain control over the
> content.
> Also, don't be afraid of a little self-promotion. Where is the URL in
> your signature when you post to this list (and others)? Come on, man!
> Maybe it's time to start the member-blog-aggregation service at
> --
> Chris Snyder
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Great suggestions ;)

Ophir Prusak

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