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Wed Feb 22 19:08:52 EST 2006

Keith Casey |nyphp dev/internal group 
use| wrote:

>I run CodeSnipers ( ).  We're a general software 
>development site but we have a trio of factions that share ideas, 
>information, etc.

You may want to fix that Drupal installation so that you don't have 
PHPSESSID in the URLs. While it does appear Google is indexing some of 
them (it didn't used to index those at all) there are good reasons for 
the search engines to de-prioritze deep crawling sites with sessids 
because they represent an opportunity for crawl bots to get trapped.


Only 997 pages indexed, and only 550 or so permited to show as results 
of search queries. Of those 550, only 20 or so have PHPSESSID in the 
URL. Like I said, I do see some indexed, but conventional wisdom is that 
the sessid in the url is holding you back.
(the php_trans_sessid and use_cookies settings in php.ini might be 
helpful there).

You may also want to try the pathauto module which IMHO really rocks.If 
you do so on 4.6.x, however, it needs a manual patch (available as a 
diff from the .org site).

Hope that was helpful.

-=john andrews
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