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Hans Zaunere wrote on Friday, February 24, 2006 8:29 AM:
> Well, it's true that our signature is perhaps a little busy, but hey, we
> have a lot going on.  :)

Everyone loves it when people reply to their own posts, but as I mention
above, we have a lot going on.  See the end of this message for some new

> > New York PHP Community Talk Mailing List
> >
> This is mandatory... :)
> > New York PHP Conference and Expo 2006
> >
> So I'm sure most on this list have heard already, but we've launched a
> significant PHP/open source/technology event, happening June 14-16, 2006.
> We always are pleased to have people involved, whether it be via
> sponsorship, speaking, or helping to spread the word.
> For speakers, we're reaching out to local companies to learn how they're
> using, integrating or even just considering PHP.
> To help spread the word, all you need to do is check out the Show
> Participation section:
> We appreciate folks jotting a link or image on their sites, blogs, etc.
> and if you'd like to participate as a media sponsor, please contact me
> offlist. 
> > Show Your Participation in New York PHP
> >
> And the above link, which is new, gives a way for people to show that
> they're involved and helping NYPHP support the open source community.
> Again, place a link or image anywhere that's convenient.

We're going to start sponsoring online presentations for those who can't
make it to New York City.  These won't be instead of the monthly meetings,
but in addition to, and we encourage the community to participate.  For
those of you on the NYPHP-Announce list (which everyone should be!) our
first online presentation featuring "Web Attacks and How They Are Stopped By
dotDefender" has just been announced.  There's also a calendar entry:

We've also opened up a presentation submittal form where everyone is
encouraged to submit or suggest topics.  More details are available at:

And no, it's probably not a good idea to add more lines to the signature.

So please check the frontpage frequently for updates,
and be sure you're subscribed to the NYPHP-Announce
( mailing list (announcements are NOT
cross-posted between lists).

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