[nycphp-talk] Send/Receive SMS (Text Messaging) with PHP

harvey list at
Mon Feb 27 09:11:06 EST 2006

I've used teleflip personally to send texts now and then and it seems 
to have worked fine to different carriers. But that was just very 
light casual use...

At 08:53 AM 2/27/2006, Peter Sawczynec wrote:

>I see that there are ad hoc free scripts/classes/methods for sending SMS
>text messages from a PHP script out to a specific
>telephone company's gateway server...
>but I'm wondering if anyone on the list has had a past experience with
>setting up a client's website application to
>send and receive SMS text messages.
>If so, have you used a vendor with servers that send/receive on your behalf
>Has anyone used Teleflip
>personally or professionally?
>Any previous experiences would be of interest.
>Warmest regards,
>Peter Sawczynec,
>Technology Director
>_Design & Interface
>_Database Management
>ps at
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