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Further regarding this topical item of web hosting. Here is some of my two

Primero. If they don't have 24/7 live tech support. Just say no, skip it,
pass, move on, 
these aren't the droids we're looking for. 

Generally, I have found web hosting plans (*NIX or WIN) priced at less than
$10 per month to be unacceptable,  
plagued with web site outages in prime time business hours and on busy
shopping holidays. 
Email service frequently interrupted. Knowledgeable but inert tech support. 

Plans at $20 - $60 per month seem to offer more performance and uptime

Staying our of the nearly vicious bargain basement web hosting arena really
eases the selection task anyway, 
fewer smorgasbord options and clearer path to realistic admin controls. 

I have settled on:

I use them for myself and several clients. We never have web site down time
or email interruption.
General website performance: a bit off, but never unacceptable.
FTP xfr rate is always good.
But, admittedly, at the admin interface, response is typically a bit
especially when using phpMyAdmin for MySQL admin.

I have a client using them. 
General website performance: nice.
FTP xfr rate is excellent
Admin interface response is very crisp.

Verizon Business-class
(A techie there told me that they actually subcontract to Interland.) 
I have one client using them.
General website performance: nice.
FTP xfr rate excellent.
Admin interface is snappy.

There that is my two cents. 

There really are no bargains and I think it works better in client meetings
when one calmly suggests 
a little focused business-class web hosting up tweak instead of getting out
the 9-panel Italian menu 
of diversionary options.


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Uses shared hosting technique called Virtual Private Server 
so that you can configure your own Apache and have 
SSH, Cron, optional PHP4.x or PHP 5.x. 

Very nice pricing. 

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any good hosting company?
i use

looking for a good hosting with unlimited plesk key
for a customer.

thanks and have a nice day.

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