[nycphp-talk] hosting?

Peter Sawczynec ps at
Tue Feb 28 10:41:02 EST 2006

These are two alternative strategies and I definitely understand and respect
both models.

But I don't want the domain name or web hosting responsibility.
To be blunt, because I don't want the client calling me on Saturday
afternoon about 
"why is the web site slow" or email is down. 

Especially, if they have selected some 20-cent web hosting with 
automated avatar language-sensitive FAQ-driven IM chat tech support with


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>This way the client is in control of their own domain name destiny and 
>can be a discriminating consumer with playable options and can move 
>around more at will.

Yeah, I had one client who did that and then every year 
like-clock-work his site would go down and then after blaming me for 
it, I would find that he had failed to reregister his domain. It 
happened four years in a row and I finally told him to go elsewhere.

Now, any web sites that I manage completely, I also handle all the 
domain name stuff and bill for it. If the client wants to go 
elsewhere, it's no problem to release the name to another register.

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