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Sean Pangia spangia at
Fri Jun 9 14:27:11 EDT 2006

we have a marketing client that has us building a fun promotional 
feature as part of their website. can't say much except that it involves 
personalizing some things that are then output to PDF to facilitate 
printing. we started down the path of using an expensive .NET component 
(from for use in this client's IIS 
environment when we happily discovered PHP was available to us. FPDF is 
working just fine, though we are still in development and haven't done 
any serious QA yet.


Aaron Fischer wrote:

> Greetings!
> I'm beginning a project that will involve creating PDF documents.  So 
> far my research has turned up PDFlib 
> ( and FPDF (
> So far it seems that FPDF will do what I need.  It has the added benefit 
> of being free (as opposed to PDFlib which would run at least $450).
> Have folks used FPDF?  Would you recommend it? 
> Are there are any other means to generate PDF that you would recommend?
> If helpful, here's a brief project summary:
> I am developing an application that will allow nontraditional students 
> to apply for admission to our college.  The user will be able to create 
> an account and work on her application, saving and returning at any time 
> (data will be stored in MySQL).  The PDF aspect comes into play when the 
> applicant would like to preview the application with her data populating 
> the fields.  It will also be used for our support staff to print the 
> applications once they are completed.
> Here's the blank application which would need to be created and 
> populated with student data (application is pages 2-4, instructions are 
> on page 1):
> Cheers,
> -Aaron
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