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You know, I've been on this list for what, a couple of years now? Reading,
learning (a little) but not much since I still haven't DONE anything! My big
obstacle is nuisance factor - I don't own my server, I rent from GoDaddy
and therefore, don't have my HOTB and in the end, it has just seemed
easier to stick to hand-coded HTML.  *finally* I'm thinking it's going the
other way.

I want to implement a design that is standards compliant, at least browser
independent, and to me, that screams: USE PHP!! So I went off and
found a CSS layout I wanted to use (why code it myself when it's out
there already) and the guy at Blue Robot had a really nice one that
seems to be stable but he's using the HTML 4.01 Strict DTD and I've
been creating content (not much of it but some) for 3 years w/the
XHTML 1.0 Transitional DTD.  Before I go "converting" the markup
into PHP templates, I kinda need to pick a DTD, right?

The page or layout I plan to use is on my home page with absolutely
no nav system--it's amazing, a page that goes NOWHERE but has
lots of links offsite!! *chuckle* I'd like to convert to PHP before I
start making myself a nav system for my own content.
CSS is at the root in the file "layout3.css"

My goals for PHP will ultimately be:

1. have the 3 columns (2 of links, one of content) each be a PHP
template file

2. when clicking on a link in one of the side columns, if it's ON site
(my stuff) display it in the content DIV

3. when clicking on a link in one of the side columns, if it's OFF
site (like all the ones there now) open a new window for it

This is *REALLY* basic, I know, but (1) I've never done any PHP
so it's just one more thing to make work and (2) I need to pick a
DTD before I start generating pages, PHP or not.

Help? Advice?

Sarah R. Yoffa
sry at
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