[nycphp-talk] [OT] Re: DTD choice help?

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Sun Jun 11 23:47:50 EDT 2006

-sry Boston |nyphp dev/internal group use| wrote:

> Umm, John, your reply not only has nothing at all to do with my ACTUAL 
> question, but it sounds like a spammy sales pitch.

Of all people, I understand what it means to deal with web hosting. NONE 
of them are straight forward. If you think a newbie has trouble picking 
a DTD (a trivial problem easily answered here: try the first result) then you 
are in for a surprise dealing with chrooted jails and PHP as CGI and all 
of the other "unmentionables" that come with shared hosting.

As some on this list can attest, I have had tons of problems with 
Dreamhost. I have also had tons of success with Dreamhost (ditto for 
westhost,  serverbeach, and Hostway, and Rackspace, and ev1, and dozens 
of others). For someone who wants to start inserting <?= into their 
DHTML, to start learning what PHP can do with them, IMHO the first step 
is to get on a platform where it really is an easy as inserting those 

As for "spammy sales pitch" well perhaps that's because I created a 
promo code that gives away the affiliate commission as a discount? I see 
they even allow $97 off now, so I could even make it $97 off if I had a 
reason to go back in and make a new promo code. I don't.

> I have *no* intention of leaving GoDaddy, *love* their service, 
> features, etc. and can't imagine why you'd be pitching me to change 
> hosts other than you are trying to sell something on a list dedicated 
> to discussing technical issues...kinda off topic, aren't you? Please 
> stop spamming tech lists or at least change the subject to "shameless 
> self-promotion" or something.

So I suppose I should let you learn the hard way that you should *never* 
host with your registrar? Okay.

(not to the rest of the Talk list: think very carefully about hosting 
with your registrar, especially one that begins with GO and ends with 
Daddy see for 
just one set of examples).

Welcome to PHP Talk, sry. Make yourself at home. Don't let the old 
timers intimidate you.

-=john andrews

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