[nycphp-talk] DTD choice help?

Dan Cech dcech at
Sun Jun 11 10:30:28 EDT 2006


John may not have directly addressed your DTD question, but I think the
point he was trying to make was that you should just jump in and give it
a shot.

That said, if you wish to make points about list etiquette, here are a
couple for you.

1. choose the right list

Your DTD question is really more appropriate for the front-end list as
it's not directly related to PHP

2. be aware of your position on the list, especially if you're
considering a potentially insulting post directed at another member.

Here is a quick illustration of what I mean:

John is a valued member of the community and was simply trying to help
you out, accusing him of spamming the list is downright insulting and
serves only to discourage him and other members from trying to help out
in the future. is a great place with many people who are not only very
knowledgeable but also willing to share that knowledge, a very rare and
valuable resource for all the members.

My apologies in advance if I have offended you or anyone else on the
list, the point I'm trying to make is that in general is a
wonderful resource, and the people who are kind enough to take the time
 to share their knowledge should be treated with the respect and thanks
they deserve.


-sry Boston wrote:
> Umm, John, your reply not only has nothing at all to do with my ACTUAL
> question, but it sounds like a spammy sales pitch.
> I have *no* intention of leaving GoDaddy, *love* their service, features,
> etc. and can't imagine why you'd be pitching me to change hosts other
> than you are trying to sell something on a list dedicated to discussing
> technical issues...kinda off topic, aren't you? Please stop spamming tech
> lists or at least change the subject to "shameless self-promotion" or
> something.
> Back to the question at hand, I look forward to some insights on DTD
> choice when you guys come back to the office Monday.
> -sry
>> -sry Boston |nyphp dev/internal group use|
>> wrote:
>> >You know, I've been on this list for what, a couple of years now?
>> Reading,
>> >learning (a little) but not much since I still haven't DONE anything!
>> My big
>> >obstacle is nuisance factor - I don't own my server, I rent from GoDaddy
>> >and therefore, don't have my HOTB and in the end, it has just seemed
>> >easier to stick to hand-coded HTML.  *finally* I'm thinking it's
>> going the
>> >other way.
>> >
>> Don't let hosting stop you. I sart people on dreamhost with the L1
>> Monthly if they are just getting their feet wet (I give them code
>> "tenbucks" to get it for $10). That's $10 to be all set with no
>> commitment. For those doing a website from the start, I give out code
>> "try92" which is $92 off the prepaid year, which means you get that
>> first year for something like $25.
>> If you are a developer or coder you are very likely to switch hosts or
>> add another hosting account in your first 6 months, so don't sweat the
>> start and just get going. You can spend forever picking a webhost (or
>> reading about advanced PHP issues - lol) but it's all about jumping in
>> and trying.
>> -=john andrews

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