[nycphp-talk] PHP and MS Excel

Max Gribov max at
Mon Jun 26 20:33:33 EDT 2006

Daniel Convissor wrote:

>Hey Max:
>Yeah, the PEAR Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer package works, for the most part.
>But it exports version 5 of the Excel format, so you're limited to 255 
>characters in any one cell.  Joy.
>My company has hit this limit and I'm in the middle of rewriting the 
>package.  As a temporary stopgap measure, we're exporting the data to the 
>XML format used by the Perl/CPAN FromXML package that then converts it to 
PEAR package does look good, im going to try it out.

Thanks for all your replies!

>These new PHP packages we made should eventually be released, but don't 
>expect that in the immediate future.

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