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Anirudh Zala arzala at
Tue Jun 27 00:51:30 EDT 2006

For writing excel files there are good packages, but for reading, I  
assume, there is not any good package. There is 1 package that can be  
found here but it doesn't  
work properly many times. Hence we had to do work around by 1st converting  
Excel files into CSV format.

To convert excel files into CSV there are many packages available but I  
specially like this software because it is multipurpose  
and can be used to extract plain text from ms-excel, doc and power points  
files as well.

This is actually a software that needs to be installed on your web server  
and to use it you need to run relative commands (which can easily be done  
using php). Worth to have look at it.


Anirudh Zala

On Tue, 27 Jun 2006 06:03:33 +0530, Max Gribov <max at> wrote:

> Daniel Convissor wrote:
>> Hey Max:
>> Yeah, the PEAR Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer package works, for the most  
>> part.
>> But it exports version 5 of the Excel format, so you're limited to 255
>> characters in any one cell.  Joy.
>> My company has hit this limit and I'm in the middle of rewriting the
>> package.  As a temporary stopgap measure, we're exporting the data to  
>> the
>> XML format used by the Perl/CPAN FromXML package that then converts it  
>> to
>> Excel.
> PEAR package does look good, im going to try it out.
> Thanks for all your replies!
>> These new PHP packages we made should eventually be released, but don't
>> expect that in the immediate future.
>> --Dan
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