[nycphp-talk] Accessing Oracle Database with PHP - best practices

Mike Lynch mlynch1 at
Wed Jun 28 11:16:55 EDT 2006

Hi All

Looking for some general advice here...

We have an Oracle 9i database on HPUX.
We access it in three ways
- legacy front end interface (internal users)
- PHP on the HPUX server using OCI calls (internal users)
- through a public web server (LAMP) using XML RPC (public)

We are getting rid of the legacy front end and rewriting the screens in PHP.
Our plan is to use the webserver and move away from servicing web requests
on the DB server.

1. We've only used XML-RPC on a small scale and are not sure whether to
continue with this approach. Having said that, it's simple and it works. But
what about SOAP ? We have no experience of it but "feel" we should be using

2. XML-RPC has proved fine for just calling stored procedures on the DB
server but should we be using something like ADODB which would potentially
make coding/designing a lot easier if we want to go the whole data
abstraction route. This however uses OCI calls to the database.
The webserver will be in the public domain. Is it safe to connect to the
production DB using OCI calls ?

Any advice would be appreciated

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