[nycphp-talk] mod_rewrite -- what's the big deal?

Scott Mattocks scott at
Tue Oct 10 10:36:13 EDT 2006

paul at wrote:
> The web is a powerful unifier -- I see the real "enemy" as desktop 
> applications.  The transition from the "Office" paradigm to web apps that help 
> people work together will keep PHP programmers busy for many years.

The web is not just websites. There are plenty of ways to communicate on 
the web without using HTML. Desktop applications can be used to help 
people work together just as well as (and in some cases more effectively 
and efficiently than) web apps. Don't dismiss the desktop app as "the 
old way". After all, its a desktop app (web browser) that makes all web 
apps even possible. Also, don't forget that desktop apps can be written 
entirely with PHP!

<disclaimer>I have a vested interest in PHP desktop applications 

Scott Mattocks
Author of: Pro PHP-GTK

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