[nycphp-talk] Cake v. Symfony [CodeIgniter?]

Daniel Krook krook at
Fri Sep 8 13:09:03 EDT 2006


> Having spent ages looking at all these several months ago, to save 
> bandwidth, I have a list:
> Symfony
> CakePHP
> Seagull (
> Prado
> SolarPHP
> Cerebral Cortex (
> Savant (
> (My list is bigger but I left out Perl/Python/Ruby frameworks ;-)
> -- 
> A

I'm evaluating CodeIgniter for a brand new project.   It seems to be a 
fairly new MVC framework and came recommended by some coworkers.   It 
seems to position itself directly against CakePHP and model itself on 
Rails.   Can anyone give a thumbs up or down?

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